Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the order of the Czech government, we were forced to temporarily close the restaurant and hotel. We're so sorry, but we're all in one. We hope that we will be able to welcome you again as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

Can I book accommodation?

At this point, we have suspended all reservations and canceled all active ones, so you do not have to write to us, we have solved it for you.

When to reopen?

According to new information from the Ministry of Health, we can open as early as May 25, but we will probably not open until June. Don't worry, you'll find out in time :)

By the time you were closed, my voucher had expired. What now?

You don't have to worry at all, just stop by us or call. We will be happy to extend your voucher for you.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

At the time the hotel was closed, we painted and improved the hotel to make you feel even more comfortable with us.

Hope you are healthy.

- Zamecky hotel Zlaty orel team.